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Solutions to Drainage Problems

Evans Homes and Gardens is a family owned design and build landscape contractor and retail garden center dedicated to providing excellent customer service and environmental sustainability.

The source of the drainage water is most important to determine in order to solve drainage problems. Solutions are to collect, redistribute, slow down, and soak in the drainage water and doing at or near the source is always best. Dry wells in both a pit or a trench form can handle collected roof water, rain-gardens, swales, berms and weirs can be solutions in larger water volume situations.

Whether the project is defined by a fully fledged design, or a sketch, or a discussion, the next step is to provide an estimate for the intended work. The meeting to discuss the estimate is generally held at the Garden Center, where samples of plants and Gardens show what can be expected, along with other material samples and displays.

After considering the estimate, a verbal commitment to go forward with the work will hold a place in the schedule for the work to be installed. After the agreement paperwork is drawn up, signed and combined with the initial payment, the work can begin.