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Patio Design and Installation

The most important feature of the patio and walkway design is the shape. The curves of the walkways and patios dictate the shape of the garden beds and the beginnings of blending into nature. This shape and structure helps to determine how the setting contributes to positive feelings of relaxation, calm and coolness, and in the end has the greatest effect on the livability of the end product.

Patio Features

How does material choice affect cost?

Exposed Aggregate Concrete – this patio is poured concrete with peastone gravel added at the factory. After the concrete begins to set, we carefully wash off the top layer to expose the peastone. The resulting surface has a cream brown color with natural variations in the stones. This product is nearly equal in cost to a flagstone patio with a stonedust base, either of which is the most cost effective choice.

Flagstone with Stonedust Base – The most cost effective material choice, however quite beautiful in either a random pattern or a broken pattern

Mortared Flagstone or Brick – the concreate foundation and mortar extend the life expectancy of the walkway by about double (30 or 40 years aposed to about 15 with flagstone/stonedust). Mortar also tends to tighten the visual appeal and give the patio or walkway a more formal look. The price for the mortared flagstone or brick is about double the price for flagstone or brick with a stonedust base.

Flagstone vs. Brick – flagstone and brick about both about equally priced. The two products are often combine for visual appeal.

Sustainable Products and Practices

Evans Homes and Gardens makes every effort to buy as local as possible. All of our flagstone is purchased from eastern Pennsylvania. The bricks that we choose are Calvert paving bricks which are also manufactured locally. The stonedust we use is quarried right here in Rockville, MD.